In this post, we are about to see how to add an avatar using Gravatar.

How to change default Gravatar in WordPress?

What is Gravatar?

The word Gravatar is a blend of the words Globally Recognised avatar. Gravatar is a service that provides unique avatars for users. The service was developed by the Automattic team and is also integrated to their famous blogging system, WordPress.

How does Gravatar Work?

Users are required to sign up to Gravatar using their accounts, and once they log in, they can upload an avatar. This avatar will be assigned to the user’s email address which he used to sign up. And when the user comments on a blog where an email is required, that blogging platform will check whether a Gravatar is associated with this email and if so, it will display the avatar along with the comment.  Gravatar support is an inbuilt feature in WordPress.

How to add an avatar using Gravatar?


Step 1: Go to and sign in or sign up using your account.

Step 2: If this is the first time you are logging into Gravatar, then you will be asked to approve the sign in, also will be asked to activate your email address if you haven’t.

How to add an avatar using Gravatar


Step 3: Once you complete the activation, you will be taken to your Gravatar dashboard, which will look like the screenshot below.

Step 4: Click on the “Add a new image” link to add a new avatar to your selected email address. You have options to upload a new image, select an image from a URL, take a picture using your webcam or choose a previously uploaded image.

Step 5: I am selecting, ‘Upload new’ and the next page will let you upload an image from your device. Click Next once the image is uploaded.

Step 6: In the next page, you can choose to crop your picture or not, and on the page that follows you will be asked to choose a rating for your Gravatar.

How to add an avatar using Gravatar

Step 7: Once you choose the rating, you will be taken to the Gravatar dashboard where you will see your recently added Gravatar.

Fron now on, your Gravatar will be displayed along with the comments that you make on other blogs and will also be shown in all your WordPress blogs or sites.