Why we need a social media network for branding? Are you thinking social media branding is that much important? In my point of view it’s the one of the best ways to promote your product in a short period of time. Social media networks play a vital role in 2013. Is really helps for branding, promoting, connecting with people 24*7 and easily reach worldwide.


Tips To Brand Your Website with Social Media

A few things to follow while starting to promote:

Select Best Social Media Network

Before starting promotion or brand your product, analyse and select the best social media network. Research which network is most related to your business.

  • Create a profile in that network.
  • Share your business details.
  • Slowly create a group and join many people.
  • Create awareness about your product.

There are many popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, interest and much more.

Social Media Marketing Strategy


Plan and Research how innovatively you are going to attract the customers. Think different from your competitors; it’s the one of the best strategy in the marketing field. Use Hash-tag on everything you are going to publish which really helps people to follow and you can easily find.

Connect with your Customers

Always keep in contact with your existing and new customers. Respond for the queries either it’s positive or negative. Maintain the database properly, follow all the people you meet and send offers to your existing customer as this helps in increasing your sales.

Use Unique Logo and Design to your Brand

Try to concentrate more on your design and how you are going to represent your brand. Use unique design and logo in every social media network. If you are using the old logo for Facebook, product image on Google plus and new logo in twitter means the followers who are using all three networks will get confused. So try to focus more on brand logo and have a unique way of presenting it to the audience.

Use Unique Content on All Networks

Don’t share the same content on every social media network. Discover a new way use unique content and a different style on each social media network. For example, share your promotion video on Google plus. Post your ideas with image in a Facebook. Tweet your updates on twitter. Use different kinds of strategies to promote your brand for the same idea.

 Use 2 To 4 Social Media Network for Branding

Focus more than 2 social media networks, update regularly, connect with people, keep awareness, and arrange forums to your social media followers to brand your business. Daily spend more than 2 hours for promotion in social media network, which is one of the best and easy ways to connect with your folks.

Be Innovative


Don’t ever over-concentrate on your branding always.

  • Every day 80% of your messages should be innovative, different and attractive which should also be relevant to your business.
  • 20% should be direct branding.

Try this strategy which really workout because if you concentrate more on branding there is a chance people may dislike it. Content any games, some interesting contrast about your business. Sponsor gifts to the winners, which help increase your sales and branding. It’s not all about sales; we have to attract customers and make them to follow us, from that automatically your sale will increase!

Regularly Calculate your Return on Investment

After promoting your website in social media, calculate your ROI, because it is very important to cross check whether we get investment over social media network. If not, try to concentrate more and use different strategies to promote. Re-share all the posts, re-tweet all the twitter posts. Invite as many friends, family and always stay connected with the people!

Following all the strategy will really help to brand your business and increase leads. If you want instant branding in a short lifespan try social media marketing which really work out effectively!