There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog, the main and commonly used methods are ad publishing and affiliate marketing. In ad publishing there are different types of algorithms to calculate the revenue that you will earn, some use the PPC method ( Pay Per Click ) and some others use the CPM method ( Cost Per Mile ). In CPM method you gets paid for every 1000 impression that your blog gets. So if your site has a good traffic and content CPM ads will work great for you and will generate a nice revenue for you. Here are some Top CPM ad networks that pays high rates.

Tribal fusion

One among the best CPM network, Tribal fusion is more applicable to bloggers who have a minimum of 500000 unique visitors per month. They pay 55% of the net revenue. You can analyse the ad performance in your site using their vast collection of analytic tools.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media is also a CPC network, they mainly serves in-text ads they also serves other ad formats like the banners, etc…

CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive, another CPM ad network that serves more than 30 million impressions to more than 50 nations every month. Publishers may need at least 30,0000 unique visitors to get approved.

Technorati Media

While comparing with the other CPM networks its easy to get approved by Technorati Media but you will only get your payments after 60 days when your income has reached the minimum payout.

ValueClick Media

Through ValueClick Media you can earn by three methods, you can publish ads, refer friends or by using affiliate marketing. ValueClick Media is a venture by the owners of Commission Junction.